The Animation Tag Attack

10 min Experimental Narrative Short
World Premiere at Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France, 4th - 9th of June 2012.
Project BLOG

Picture courtesy of Peter Ruschel

The Animation Tag Attack is an exquisite corpse initiated in December 2009 by the Danish director Christen Bach. The project is based on a series of conversations with Mads Juul about personal expression and the urge to explore and experiment with the media of animation. On the background of these talks CB wrote a simple set of rules based on the classical surrealist parlour game; "the exquiste corpse" 

The rules were simple: Each participant gets 4 weeks to produce between 5 and xx seconds of film. When the time is up, the clip gets uploaded to the blog and the next one in line takes over. It is up to each individual creator to pick the style and media they want to work in - and to decide how they think the story should evolve.

Andreas Normand Grøntved

The project is meant as a pure celebration to the creative process. The participants consists of 12 of the most exiting young directors from around the world; Christen Bach, Mads Juul, Andreas Normand Grøntved, Ned Wenlock, Oren Mashkovski, Maxwell A. Oginni & Ewen Stenhouse (the Angry Natives), Scott Benson, Kaiserbrand,  Mikey Please UK (Bafta Winner 2011), Brendan Carroll (Dreamworks) & Francesco Giroldini (Dreamworks).

The ATA has been made out of pure love for the media (animation) and has been an interesting experiment both in terms of storytelling and new ways of producing stunning animation really fast with almost no budget at all. 

"It has been amazing collaborating with everyone who helped make this bastard baby. Not only the guys, but also the crew I worked with in creating my episodes. They really stepped up to the plate. Not least Lorena Eracle who made the SFX makeup in Episode 12 in no time with a newborn on her arm, Shaun Farley who remixed and redesigned the entire soundtrack in 5.1 and Schumann:Bach who took over the reigns in creating the score"  Christen Bach

Quick and dirty making of E 12